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Overcoming all marine and offshore energy challenges

The marine and offshore environment is more complex than ever, involving an increasing number of technical disciplines and technologies. When technical expertise is lacking internally, asset owners and designers must seek out the highest level of technical support available to ensure project success.

As the technical advisory component of Bureau Veritas Group, BV Solutions M&O responds to all marine and offshore energy challenges. We maintain a global, independent network of dedicated technical centers. Our experts work as a single, integrated team to develop solutions to the most pressing marine and offshore challenges.

Our core activities

Engineering  & Technical Advisory: High-level technical modelisation and risk assessment to provide global engineering services

Asset Management: Daily follow-through and dedicated teams to systematically and cost-effectively oversee assets

Assurance Solutions: Assistance with condition assessments, non-mandatory surveys and regulatory compliance

Global network

With a global solutions network covering 140 countries, BV Solutions M&O experts are available to work with clients on- and off-site in any location. Our dedicated technical centers are composed of marine engineers and naval architects with extensive expertise in their fields. We work closely with our clients as a single, integrated team from design phase throughout an asset’s operative lifespan.

Tailor-made offers

At BV Solutions M&O, we provide an innovative way of working with clients that extends far beyond traditional methods. Our truly agile approach creates tailor-made solutions for clients’ unique specifications. In addition, we are always researching new and innovative ways to add value, improve efficiency or reduce costs throughout the project lifetime.

Technical expertise

At BV Solutions M&O, we provide clients with the in-depth knowledge and support to succeed in their marine and offshore energy projects. Our clients enjoy extensive expertise across every key safety and technical topic related to marine engineering and naval architecture. Our experts possess the subject mastery to overcome any technical, logistical or management challenge.

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BV Solutions

In today’s fast-changing world, go beyond pure compliance assessment to offer the high-performance solutions our customers need.