structural integrity

Structural Integrity

Optimizing structural design for improved long-term performance 

Today’s marine and offshore assets are subject to ever-heavier fatigue loads and increasingly challenging environmental conditions. This can have a negative impact on the long-term performance of an asset’s structural and hydrodynamic integrity. Owners and operators require an optimum structural design to operate safer, longer-lasting, and environmentally friendly assets.

BV Solutions M&O provides in-depth expertise on the structural and hydrodynamic integrity of a variety of assets, including ships, platforms and wind turbine installation vessels. Our dedicated team specializes in complex studies that analyze new structures from the design stage to determine areas of concern and to advise on reinforcement solutions.    

Our added-values

Our experts ensure an optimal structural design to improve the long-term performance of marine and offshore assets.

Using advanced analysis, BV Solutions M&O aids clients in minimizing unplanned asset downtime.

We work with our clients to achieve optimum shaft alignment to avoid high vibration levels.

BV Solutions M&O engineers and analysts master a variety of structural integrity tools, such as Finite Element Analysis, and proprietary software, VERISTAR Hull, HOMER and LILAS.

Tubular joint engineering with finite element analysis and von mises stress plot

Strength analysis to test structural response

An  asset’s strength is critical to avoiding costly damage from increasingly heavy fatigue loads. BV Solutions M&O verifies an asset’s strength, calculating its maximum fatigue load according to the relevant standard. Our offer focuses on strength and hydrodynamic analyses using a Finite Element Analysis tool, as well as our proprietary software LILAS and HOMER, which test the links between hydrodynamic loads and structural response.    


Shaft alignment to optimize loading and discharge

Hull-shaft misalignment can significantly impact ane asset’s long-term performance. BV Solutions M&O evaluates an asset’s hull and shaft alignment to optimize loading and discharge conditions. Our elastic alignment calculations via our proprietary LILAS software take into account aspects such as flexibility, steelwork deformations, propeller forces, and oil film characteristics.

Creative architect projecting on the big drawings in the dark loft office

Fatigue analysis to extend operational life

To ensure optimal return on investment, an asset’s fatigue life must exceed its operational life. BV Solutions M&O provides fatigue life analyses, life extension studies and hydrodynamic calculations to assess fatigue-related damage and recommend structural modifications.

Two colleagues discussing data working and tablet, laptop with on on architectural project at construction site at desk in office

Complex Non-Linear Analysis to evaluate weaknesses

Weaknesses in complex mechanical systems can compromise a marine or offshore asset’s ability to support static loads. BV Solutions M&O performs complex non-linear analyses, including geometric and material non-linearities, to evaluate these weaknesses and identify deformations, cracks and causes of friction.