Strategy by BVS

Improve Strategy

Leveraging engineering expertise and visionary thinking

In a world of rapidly evolving technologies, climate change, and a difficult economic climate, successful owners and operators need to adapt their strategic thinking. BV Solutions M&O helps you accomplish this by leveraging your natural strengths and maximizing your assets to improve ROI. Our risk-based approach to innovation and technology considers the likelihood of events, improving on efficiencies and reducing your costs over time.

Maximizing your ROI

The intended design life of an asset doesn’t have to be set in stone. Our life extension studies help you gain additional years of operation for assets to achieve greater return on investment. BV Solutions M&O analyzes operational readiness to determine your assets’ capacity to operate beyond their design life. 

Advancing the energy transition

As the industry moves toward net zero, we help guide you on how to improve asset efficiency and remain compliant with international standards and regulations. Our strategy is to go beyond rules and regulations to support our clients to be even more innovative and more sustainable in their processes.

We invite you to use our expertise in modulization and simulation studies, and in testing new technologies for alternative energies. Our offer includes emission reduction, consumption analysis, energy model qualification, innovation propulsion investigation and monitoring services.

For a truly net zero solution, we can provide you with decarbonization solutions as well as verification services. In addition, we are committed to the industry’s Poseidon Principles, helping ensure sustainable finance.

Invested in innovation & technology

Assets are increasingly interconnected and dependent on technology. Digital solutions—virtual models of existing assets—assist in optimizing asset inspections, maintenance, and monitoring without a physical presence. BV Solutions M&O leverages technology to optimize your assets in the spirit of innovation and with the goal of going beyond compliance.