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Making the most of asset lifespan and efficiency

Ship owners and operators face the double challenge of  getting the most of their existing assets while ensuring they continue to match evolving needs throughout their lifecycle. If owners fail to adapt over time, the vessel will not be up to code, will not be able to operate above its initial design lifespan, and will incur higher OPEX.

BV Solutions M&O’s retrofit services ensure that assets remain fit for purpose over time, while enhancing efficiency, safety and lifespan. Our comprehensive suite of services includes vessel performance diagnostics according to current operating conditions, cost savings adjustments, and technical solutions to extend asset life, to operate better, longer and safer.

Our added-value

Ensure assets meet shifting regulations for greenhouse gas emissions

Prolong the use of current assets to avoid valuable assets going to scrap

Reduce operating expenses by optimizing fuel consumption

Hull Performance Audit

Hull Performance Audit

Our Hull Performance Audits evaluate a vessel’s efficiency and guide our clients through a possible retrofit strategy, duly supported by clear KPI and ROI calculations. We can then help clients gain savings through optimization studies, which can be performed on bulbous bows and appendages. We also offer independent, third-party evaluations of propellers & energy-saving devices developed by manufacturers.

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Life extension

Many marine and offshore assets are currently nearing the end of their initial life duration of 15-25 years. Safely operating beyond this initial period without high ownership costs requires studies to assess current condition and fatigue life. Through combined in-situ measurement with structural fatigue calculations, BV Solutions M&O can determine how long the vessel may be operated safely as is, and propose reinforcements to extend the asset’s lifespan if needed.

Experts on board


BV Solutions M&O provides jumboization services to lengthen vessels for increased volume and capacity. Our experts ensure that the vessel remains safe and operable with the additional section. We oversee the entire jumboization process, from initial feasibility studies through to detailed engineering studies.  

Machinery architectures and new fuels

Machinery architectures and new fuels

Through a risk-based approach combined with energy modelling, BV Solutions M&O supports its clients in their process for retrofitting vessels with conventional Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO). We accompany owners in keeping their vessels up to date, meeting decarbonization targets, while ensuring the safety of people and assets.