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DP Assurance & Consultancy


Assuring dynamically positioned vessels’ safe and efficient operation

Dynamically positioned (DP) vessel owners and operators in the marine and offshore industry are searching for the most cost-effective, efficient and safe way to manage their vessels. Properly selecting, integrating, and operating DP systems for new vessels, and upgrading DP systems in older vessels, requires extensive field expertise.

Led by accredited experts, BV Solutions M&O provides cost-effective ways to enhance safety and operability according to specific vessel applications. Our multidisciplinary technical and operational experts were among the first DP vessel analysts ever to attain International Maritime Contractors Association (IMCA) accreditation. Having achieved this high standard, they leverage their wealth of experience to ensure an asset’s compliance and optimal efficiency.

Our added-value

Our extensive experience with DP systems enhances the safe operability of owners’ and operators’ assets.

We are recognized within the industry as among the top independent DP assurance partners, helping our clients comply with industry standards.

Our advanced solutions enable owners and operators to ensure that the DP systems they select for their vessels are in full compliance, meeting all technical and commercial requirements.

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IMCA-accredited experts

We offer our clients peace of mind on any project thanks to the in-depth field expertise of our multidisciplinary teams. The majority of our DP experts at MAC have achieved IMCA accreditation for DP practitioners. IMCA accreditation requires evidence of extensive onsite experience, as well as experience writing Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) evaluations. It also includes an arduous exam component for all seeking accreditation.

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FMEA/FMECA trials programme

Using FMEA and Failure Modes, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA) evaluations, our experts can predict the effects of a worst-case failure of DP systems. We develop, provide and deliver DP and DP FMEA and FME(CA) trials programme to identify failures and demonstrate compliance and redundancy as per design. This includes analysis of cranes, subsea tooling systems, gangway systems, and more.

DP trials by BVS

DP equipment configuration analysis

Equipment configuration analyses help owners and operators select, integrate, operate and verify a DP system according to a particular vessel’s needs. Our experts can help clients save on fuel expenses through an analysis of a DP configuration to verify if it meets compliance standards when using fewer engines. Analyses may include pipelay systems, heavy lift cranes, saturation and air dive systems, ballast and anti-heel systems, and flotel gangway systems.

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Developing new tools

Leveraging our R&D capabilities, BV Solutions M&O is developing a digital tool to streamline annual trials for DP vessels. Typically, surveyors write a test program, conduct tests and submit a report on vessel maintenance and operation. The digital tool will initially assist surveyors in digitizing the reporting process, thus reducing trial time and costs.

Our Center of Excellence in Aberdeen, Scotland enables BV Solutions M&O to provide technical expertise and support to the entire Bureau Veritas Group around the world. That global reach sets us apart from competitors.

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