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Condition-Based Maintenance

Leveraging data to produce customized solutions .

Increasingly equipped with built-in sensors, today’s modern equipment for marine and offshore assets can produce valuable data to help ensure proper asset maintenance. However, the amount of technical data available can quickly become overwhelming and complex. Marine and offshore owners and operators need expert guidance to fully understand these equipment systems and to prioritize where to focus maintenance resources.

BV Solutions M&O works closely with clients to develop a unique, tailor-made Condition-Based Maintenance (CBM) approach to determine how best to maintain assets over time. Our CBM approach enables clients to take a proactive stance on asset maintenance strategy by developing risk-based maintenance practices to avoid downtime.

Our added-value

Our CBM approach includes strategic equipment selection, parameter definition, failure mode identification and system requirements

We use sensors to build a data pool and data analytics to predict asset condition and potential consequences

We prioritize critical components to ensure safety, while letting less critical components degrade for ultimate replacement

Fully customizable CBM

Fully customizable CBM

Our CBM approach is tailor-made for each client’s needs. We partner with our clients to prioritize critical equipment components for monitoring and maintenance. Monitoring devices are used to observe changes (e.g., temperature, vibration), which are then mapped out against degradation markers and failure modes. This information helps determine when to deploy maintenance operations to return the asset to optimal condition.

Deep manufacturer relationships

Deep manufacturer relationships

Data generated by monitoring devices is often considered proprietary by equipment manufacturers. This presents a significant challenge to access the data from a global asset perspective. BV Solutions M&O has developed strong relationships with equipment manufacturers. We can work with all manufacturers and stakeholders to acquire the relevant data to gain global understanding of a client’s asset.

Failure mode identification

Failure mode identification

Data received from sensors is first used to identify failure modes. For each failure mode, we identify the degradation mechanisms that may cause that failure. From there, we determine which types of information need to be monitored to identify degradations early on. For example, mooring chain tension cannot be measured directly; however, it can be measured indirectly using the chain angle. This represents an indirect reading of an operational parameter directly connected to failure modes.

For offshore assets, you want to have transverse understanding of all your equipment, and that can be a challenge due to proprietary data. BV Solutions M&O bridges that gap.

Jerome Floury Global Service Line Leader - Asset Management at BV Solutions M&O