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Ballast Water Management (BWM)

Assisting shipowners to seamlessly implement the BWM Convention

Invasive aquatic species present a major threat to marine ecosystems, and shipping is a primary path for these harmful organisms to spread. The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships Ballast Water & Sediments (BWM Convention) aims to limit the spread of invasive species by requiring management plans and treatment systems on all ships that carry ballast water.

BV Solutions M&O supports shipowners in developing approved Ballast Water Management (BWM) Plans. We offer technical assistance on how to apply the guidelines and assess risk, identifying areas for improvement and potential additions of BWM systems.


Our added-value

Our experts have a deep understanding of the BWM Convention and its requirements for new and existing ships

BV Solutions M&O can prepare required technical documentation such as installation design, calculations and studies

Our goal is to help our clients maintain compliance throughout the ship’s service life with an approved BWM Plan

We ensure crew are appropriately trained in ballast water management through in-house and e-learning modules

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Technical Assistance on Guidelines and Risk

To help manufacturers meet IMO guidelines, BV Solutions M&O offers comprehensive technical support. This includes feasibility and engineering studies, and verification of plans, installation and operation. We also help shipowners assess risks posed by active substances (i.e. chemical treatment) that may be used to process ballast water.

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Ballast Water Management Plans

Bureau Veritas Solutions helps shipowners develop a Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP) related to structure, stability and machinery. This equips them to select an appropriate Ballast Water Management System (BWMS) for each vessel.

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Coordinating Surveys

The BWM Convention applies to all ships designed or constructed to carry ballast water, including merchant ships, submersibles and floating offshore energy structures. Bureau Veritas Solutions coordinates annual, intermediate and renewal surveys to help ensure that all plans, systems and equipment continue to function as needed.

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Innovation – Global Service Line Energy Transition Manager

BV Solutions M&O

We help the shipping community seamlessly implement the BWM Convention, thanks to our accumulated experience, worldwide network of technical and approval offices, and local presence.