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Combining experienced experts with digital technology for optimized asset management

In today’s marine and offshore environment, owners and operators need accurate data to maintain and operate their assets in real time. Considering the range of challenges presented over an asset’s lifecycle, this means having access to data from a unique and trustworthy source. They also need the ability to intuitively consolidate and present that data for decision-making and compliance purposes.

BV Solutions M&O’ Twintelligence pairs its global team of experts with advanced technology. This collaborative approach leverages digital twin technology and smart data to intuitively determine the condition of assets, ensuring safety and efficient operations.   

Our added value

We help lower inspection, repair and maintenance costs by moving from reactive to predictive maintenance.

By helping clients remain aware of asset condition and safety measures in place, we can help ensure compliance

We identify ways to manage with minimal crew by moving traditional offshore personnel roles to onshore when appropriate.

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Digital twin technology

Digital twins are virtual models of existing assets including the digital representation of its related processes, systems and information. Backed by a team of project managers and engineers, our Twintelligence solution leverages digital twin technology to track and forecast physical condition as the foundation of asset integrity management for marine and offshore assets.

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Our approach marries an asset’s digital twin with current data to provide a full “as is” picture of an asset’s condition. Visual insights are accessible anytime, anywhere. This enables marine and offshore operators to make better, faster, more informed decisions regarding performance and integrity, helping to gain competitive advantage and improved ROI. Our experts analyze the data and provide comprehensive support.

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Complete asset management solution

BV Solutions M&O is unique in offering a complete end-to-end asset management solution. Our strategic service offering for asset managers builds on our technical capabilities in asset integrity management, risk modeling and leveraged by technology solutions. We answer all your asset management needs, including condition-based maintenance analysis; risk-based inspection; reliability, availability, maintainability studies; and reliability-centered maintenance analysis.

Twintelligence is a twinning of expertise with technology. It gives owners a true understanding of their assets. By having increased visibility, they are able to make informed decisions quickly and move from being reactive to predictive.

25%Reduction in hull inspections over a 5-year period, thanks to Twintelligence