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Operational Excellence 

Demonstrating excellence in safety, environment and cost efficiency

Marine and offshore owners and operators are striving for operational excellence in every aspect—not only for safety and the environment, but also in terms of spending. To satisfy regulatory requirements, they also need to demonstrate excellence in engineering and implementation in line with the original design and intent of each asset.

BV Solutions M&O supports its clients to achieve safety and environmental excellence through a full range of services and studies. We help owners and operators understand risk so they can de-risk their operations. We then help verify and demonstrate compliance to regulators, the public and our clients’ own employees.


Our added-value

We have a proven track record of technical expertise, established by helping clients overcome all kinds of operational challenges.

We partner with clients to develop customized solutions that are realistic and feasible according to their unique requirements.

Our global reach and centers of excellence make us available to clients locally and on-site in any location.

We possess all the technical tools, engineering calculations and software methodologies needed for asset management.

Experience ensuring excellence

Experience ensuring excellence

All of our services are backed by a proven track record developed over decades of solving operational challenges for clients around the world. Because of our wealth of experience, we know how to handle any situation to ensure safety and operational excellence using our proven and guaranteed methodologies.

Digital twinning

Digital twinning

BV Solutions M&O’s digital twinning tools and software can identify anomalies across all technical disciplines, schedule interventions for greater efficiency, and prioritize those that require immediate attention. We provide the exact path to bring the asset back to optimal condition while satisfying regulatory requirements. 3D modelling can also be used to determine whether an asset is suitable for life extension.

Demonstrated safety focus

Demonstrated safety focus

We help our clients demonstrate to regulators, the public, and their own employees that safety is a top priority. Given the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees and organizations want to ensure that safety is being treated as a key business priority. We help our clients demonstrate that commitment both internally and externally.


Global Service Line Leader, Asset Management Solutions

BV Solutions M&O

Digitalization is a huge trend in operational excellence for improving safety and environmental impact of offshore assets. It enables some jobs to move onshore, which is safer for employees and reduces cost.