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Cybersecurity has become an increasingly important marine and offshore asset risk:

  • Since 2021, compliance regulations require cybersecurity measures to be integrated within an asset’s Safety Management System.
  • Since 2019, International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) recommendations (and upcoming requirements) address cybersecurity by design for both vessels and equipment.

This is a challenge for maritime industry players, who often do not have the relevant expertise to manage this additional responsibility.

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Our added-value

We leverage a cybersecurity framework validated by recognized maritime leaders.

BV Solutions M&O and Secura form a powerful partnership, using our respective maritime and cybersecurity expertise to deliver high-quality services to ship owners, suppliers and shipyards.

We understand that a “one size fits all” approach is not sufficient for compliance with International Maritime Organization (IMO) regulations, so we tailor our solutions to the needs of each individual client.

For both shipyard and suppliers, we address cybersecurity along the entire industrial cycle, from the design phase to the testing phase.


BV Solutions M&O’s cybersecurity offer is powered by Secura, a recognized cybersecurity company that provides independent security assessments against recognized standards.

Secura specializes in identifying vulnerabilities, design and cyber resilience testing of systems, assets, and products. Its processes ensure repeatability, consistency, and insight into coverage and depth.