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Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis

Mitigating costly risks through thorough safety reviews

Marine and offshore owners and operators face all sorts of risk at sea, such as oil spills, fires, piracy or cyberattacks. Managing risk is critical for safeguarding company personnel, assets, security and the environment. When not done properly, the impact of risk on marine and offshore industries can be wide-scale and costly.

BV Solutions M&O’s global risk management team helps protect its clients by providing expert qualitative and quantitative analysis of their assets. Once we have identified where potential risks lie, we work with our clients to find solutions to ensure they have all their bases covered.

Our added-value

Providing unparalleled onsite expertise to our clients, no matter where they are around the globe

Offering the flexibility of remote workshops when in-person meetings are not possible

Using advanced quantitative analysis software to  identify all risks and calculate potential consequences efficiently and thoroughly

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Hazard Identification Study (HAZID) and Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

BV Solutions M&O’s HAZID tool identifies hazards and safeguards from the earliest stages in the lifecycle of an asset. Our experienced facilitators lead HAZOP studies, which are a method for process hazard identification during the design or proposed modification phase for new or existing assets. We offer the flexibility to use both tools to conduct remote workshops.

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Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA)

We draw from a deep bench of LOPA experts to conduct workshops and manage LOPA and risk analysis processes. Utilizing our semi-quantitative LOPA tool for risk assessment methodology, we can customize our workshops and analyses according to clients’ needs.

Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA)

In order to calculate the magnitude of a risk’s consequences, we conduct a full QRA. Using the BV Solutions M&O methodology, we then customize an offer based on clients’ needs. Through this process, we develop cost-effective measures for risk management programs related to asset layout, safety design and other areas for risk-reduction.

Within a QRA study, we use Consequence Modeling and Assessment software to analyze the consequences of hazardous product release. An example of this would be estimating the dispersion of gas, its interaction with an asset and the atmosphere and the estimated effects.

A Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment (FERA) identifies fire and explosion scenarios resulting from process and non-process failure. BV Solutions M&O uses a wide range of software modeling tools to assess the effects of these hazards on people, the asset and the environment.

Our Smoke and Gas Dispersion Analysis (SGDA) models major accident consequences, such as fires, explosions, toxic gas releases and hazardous spills. BV Solutions M&O has a wealth of tools at our disposal, from simpler models to sophisticated analysis using advanced software.

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