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Comprehensive tailored solutions adapted to your organizational needs

Before any vessel leaves port, operators must prove compliance with key ISO standards and the ISM Code, ISPS Code and MLC 2006 at both operational and organizational levels.

Ships must maintain the necessary procedures and paperwork for risk and administrative assessments, health and safety requirements, onboard and offshore personnel and document management. Many operators find it quite challenging to navigate industry and Flag state obligations while ensuring compliance.

BV Solutions M&O helps ship owners and operators achieve compliance with applicable legislation through marine management systems (MMS). Our experts have nearly a decade of experience in developing and integrating MMS for all ship types, including anchor handlers, dive ships and survey vessels. Our MMS services enable owners to increase their organizational autonomy, reduce costs, improve performance and—above all—comply with the relevant regulations, codes and standards.

Our added value

Our MMS are guaranteed to be fully ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001, ISPS Code, MLC 2006 and ISM Code compliant

We go beyond providing a series of manuals—we partner with our clients and understand their needs to tailor their MMS to their organization

We help operators make safe, informed, ethical decisions

Our MMS are compatible with any existing system or software, and can be of use to new starts or long-standing operators alike

Setting up your MMS

BV Solutions M&O works closely with clients to understand their company, then build an MMS specific to the organization’s structure and needs. Our experts assess applicable Flag state regulations, then define a management structure and develop a master document register. We collaborate with clients to finetune our proposed onboard and offshore procedures, with the goal of simplifying processes for the end user.

Meeting changing circumstances

As the shipping world evolves, and new guidance and regulations emerge, ship managers need to update their MMS. BV Solutions M&O helps clients rewrite and update their MMS to remain compliant with legislation, and supports ship managers in preparing for audits. For owners considering developing an MMS for the first time, we have experience working with both startups and established companies.

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Marine Manager & HSSEQ Manager

BV Solutions M&O

Every ship must meet certain standards and regulations—the ISM Code, of course, and ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001. But few operators have the time, money and oversight to monitor the operational and organizational execution of these standards. BV Solutions M&O helps operators take control of compliance by developing an MMS that facilitates operations and improves efficiency.