Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency


Improving environmental performance and reducing cost of ownership

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has set a clear path to a zero-emission future, targeting a 30% reduction in GHG emissions (compared with 2008 levels) by 2030, and a 50% reduction by 2050. Marine and offshore owners must thus work now to make their assets run as efficiently as possible while they seek alternative fuel methods for the future.

Assets should be fit for purpose and optimized from day one in terms of energy efficiency to reduce environmental impact and cost of ownership, while adhering to stricter environmental regulations.

From the design phase, BV Solutions M&O assesses hull performance and efficiency, paying close attention to how the vessel will actually be used. We perform computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analyses and other services for our clients, who can in turn can save up to 20% on fuel consumption with a quick ROI period of only a few months.

This leads to lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact once the vessel is in use. Our comprehensive suite of services includes efficiency by design solutions and efficiency by operations solutions through hull performance optimization. We also perform ship energy modelling, correlating predictions with actual sea performance.

Our added-value

We help vessel owners meet emissions reduction targets, including IMO regulations and EU directives.

Vessel optimization takes into account the asset’s actual operating profile and is based on full CFD calculations, performed in numerous environmental conditions. We provide services tailored to each asset’s lifecycle.

Our energy efficiency services offer a balance between improving an asset’s carbon footprint, enabled by realistic ROI and engineering schedules that stay within project constraints.

Thanks to our advanced design methodologies, we close the gap between modelling and actual sea performance through client feedback related to behavior at sea alongside R&D development.

Our advanced energy flow modelling assesses fuel consumption and GHG emissions, evaluates fuel-saving solutions, and benchmarks architectures.

Container ship at sea

Advanced Hull Performance
Starting at the design stage, our expert teams look at the hull’s global performance, accounting for hull, appendages, energy-saving devices (ESD) and superstructures together. This ensures that client assets are fit for purpose with their operating profiles. From the start, this reduces fuel consumption and offers immediate ROI. It further enables ships in operation to address new routes or operating strategies.

Ship at sea

Trim Optimization
Vessels operating with optimal trim significantly reduce their OPEX and fuel consumption. Our proprietary trim optimization software and linked database compute fuel consumption according to any trim configuration to improve hydrodynamic performance. This tool can pinpoint the exact cruising speed and trim setting needed to achieve the lowest resistance and fuel consumption. The software is taken on board the vessel and does not require any vessel modifications, offering immediate savings.

Ship at yard

New Technologies
We offer our clients integration and technical benchmark solutions based on new technologies that aim to decarbonize shipping. These include wind-assisted vessel technology and innovative designs and operational techniques that utilize alternative fuels such as LNG, hydrogen and ammonia). Our goal: to help owners and operators reduce their carbon footprint even further. We develop cutting-edge ship energy models that are increasingly closer to actual sea performance. In this way, we support clients’ decision making regarding their fleets’ operational strategies, retrofits, routing solutions and more.

Eric Baudin

Innovation – Global Service Line Energy Transition Manager

BV Solutions M&O

Energy efficiency is a challenge, even for vessels delivered today from the most recognized shipyards. It needs to be considered from day one of the engineering phase. We have a complete set of energy optimization services that ensure both cost and emissions reductions, as well as a fit-for-purpose design.
Up to 20%Fuel savings when optimizing hull performance with BV Solutions M&O