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Condition Assessment


Securing an impartial overview of an asset’s status

A condition assessment is a must-have for any owner or operator looking to obtain an overview of a marine and offshore asset’s status. This is particularly relevant when needing to meet charterers’ condition obligations for trading vessels of a certain age or when considering a conversion. Owners require an independent, trusted party to carry out the condition assessment on their behalf.

Recognised as a CAP provider by Oil Majors, BV Solutions M&O has comprehensive expertise in Condition Assessment Programs (CAP) for trading vessels, and uses the same inspection methodology for Condition Assessment Prior to Conversion (CAPC). Our proven methodology helps owners and operators obtain a clear and transparent overview of the vessel and/or unit. Then, an effective maintenance and/or conversion strategy can be put in place, supporting their overall decision-making.      

Our added-values

BV Solutions M&O leverages a proven condition assessment methodology to acquire an overview of the condition of an asset’s structure and/or machinery at a specific point in time.

We help marine and offshore owners and operators meet regulatory condition requirements for assets above 15 years of age.

Combining 15+ years of CA experience and a suite of digital tools supporting CAP reporting, we offer our clients an impartial assessment of the asset.

Recognized by all Oil Majors as a CAP provider

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A proven methodology with a modular approach  

An asset’s age, complexity and associated standards obligations—in addition to an owner’s needs—must all be considered when defining the right condition assessment program. BV Solutions M&O has a tried-and-tested methodology that covers the full spectrum of assessments, from hull structure and fatigue to cargo equipment and systems. Our modular approach enables “mixing and matching” of services for greater flexibility and cost efficiency.

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A recognized CAP provider 

An impartial assessment of an asset’s structural and machinery condition is essential to informed decision-making on maintenance and conversion. BV Solutions M&O is a recognized CAP provider, delivering independent reports and certificates that are compliant with all vetting criteria. Our efficient reporting tool delivers a comprehensive survey and online report that helps owners gain a license to operate. 

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A global network of CA professionals

A lot goes into preparing an asset for sale, acquisition or conversion. Owners require an in-depth inspection of the condition of its structure, machinery, systems, fixtures and fittings. BV Solutions M&O has a global network of exclusive surveyors, engineers, service suppliers and contracted experts with the necessary experience to conduct a Condition Assessment. Our independent, digitalized assessments are tailored to a client’s needs to minimize operational disruption.

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Assurance Service Line Leader

BV Solutions M&O

Owners and operators require an objective overview of their marine and offshore assets’ condition to support their decision-making. Most of all they need to be assured of the completeness of the unit in terms of operation. That’s where BV Solutions M&O comes in: we adapt our condition assessment program to meet their specifications and criteria.
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