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Assessing the capacity to operate beyond design life

In today’s challenging economic environment, extending the service life of a marine or offshore asset is one way for owners to get the most of their fleet. To do so, they require assistance  determining whether their asset can perform in a safe and efficient manner for the extended lifetime requested.

BV Solutions M&O works alongside owners to assess their assets’ capacity to operate beyond its design life. Our life extension studies can be performed to achieve a variety of objectives, from extension of the current service life to conversion and redeployment in a different field.  

Our added-value

Our goal is to help clients gain additional years of operation for their assets wherever possible to achieve greater return on investment.

BV Solutions M&O’ stable of experts has the experience to determine which classification requirements are required for all kinds of assets.

We utilize our well-established worldwide network of marine and offshore surveyors to offer a nearby presence no matter where our clients are located.

LNG tanker during a liquefied gas supply operation to the LNG terminal in Świnoujście in Poland

Shedding light on service life extension

Analyzing an asset’s operational readiness is essential to determining its capacity to operate beyond its design life.  BV Solutions M&O delivers a comprehensive survey and report that detail an asset’s capacity to operate for the required extended service life. Our expert assessments provide clear, concise and pertinent information to inspire confidence that an asset can continue to perform in a safe and efficient manner.

Expert in situation

Informed decision-making

An expert, second-party assessment can mitigate risks associated with service life extension. BV Solutions M&O’ life extension studies are designed to support owners in their decision-making. Key parts of the study include historical maintenance records review, structural strength and fatigue analyses, condition assessment surveys, thickness measurements and structure reinforcement recommendations.  

Claire Peytavin

Assurance Service Line Leader

BV Solutions M&O

Life extension studies are an excellent way for owners of marine and offshore assets to identify ways to prolong an asset’s life and increase its return on fleet investment.
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