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Carbon index

Ambitious new International Maritime Organization (IMO) targets aim to greatly reduce CO2 emissions in the coming years. To position the shipping industry to achieve them, the IMO has introduced associated CO2 emission indexes: the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII).  

But these indexes incorporate several complex computations, thus requiring a deep level of asset design and operational knowledge. BV Solutions M&O helps clients understand the indexes and prepare vessels to comply with the relevant requirements.

Our added-value

At BV Solutions M&O, we leverage our core business capacities, advising owners on ship design and operation to assess and optimize their vessels’ energy performance as well as reduce their GHG emissions.

Our experts apply proven methods for preassessments, helping owners and operators make the most informed decisions for their fleets.

We empower our clients with simulations and other methods. In this way, we can accurately predict future performance through optimized design and operations.

EEXI and CII: what are they?

Using the same methodology as the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI), the EEXI applies to ships outside the purview of EEDI regulations and targets vessels above 400 GT. The CII applies to in-service ships over 5,000 GT and provides ship operators with the factor by which they must reduce CO2 emissions annually to comply with regulations. It must be implemented within each operator’s Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP).

Energy-efficient design solutions

Our BV Solutions M&O technical experts help shipowners and managers improve vessel design to improve energy efficiency and achieve EEXI and CII compliance. Our design solutions include hull form optimization, application of energy-saving devices, propeller and appendage analysis, aerodynamic optimization, machinery optimization, green equipment options, and new fuel studies.

Operational support

We help our clients identify and implement a range of operational optimization strategies. Our operational solutions encompass ship energy modeling, trip optimization insights, hull surface condition improvements, and trim optimization.

Improving performance

BV Solutions M&O provides comprehensive, global support with perspective. Our performance solutions shed light on ways to achieve compliance and improve performance for the fleet as a whole. We analyze operating conditions, fleet performance and sea data. Our specialists also perform onboard surveys and full fleet audits for compliance. 

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Assessing carbon index compliance online

VeriSTAR Green, Bureau Veritas’ new online platform, enables ship owners to assess compliance with EEXI and CII regulations. VeriSTAR Green is continually enriched with new, user-friendly functionalities associated with the latest IMO guidelines.

Access VeriSTAR Green

Eric Baudin

Innovation – Global Service Line Energy Transition Manager

BV Solutions M&O

With our experienced global network, we’re able to bring our technical expertise to clients to help accelerate their voyage down the pathway to decarbonization.