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Ensuring full preparedness to avoid unexpected surprises

Decommissioning marine and offshore assets is a risky endeavor that involves fulfilling complex requirements at multiple stages across the entire supply chain. These critical stages include engineering, procurement, removal and disposal. Owners and operators require assistance assessing all the necessary engineering and regulatory requirements at each critical stage to ensure project success and compliance to avoid any unexpected surprises. 

BV Solutions M&O is a world-renowned expert in marine and offshore asset decommissioning projects. Our offer focuses on providing upfront planning and assessment services to help owners and operators develop the best decommissioning strategy for their assets through to supporting the removal and monitoring.

Our added-value

Ensuring full compliance to regulatory requirements at each critical stage of decommissioning

Avoiding unforeseen surprises that can increase project risk and costs

Putting in place the right decommissioning strategy for the right asset

Connecting to a worldwide network of experts thanks to Bureau Veritas’ global reach

Accessing a wealth of flexible BV Solutions M&O services

Offering a bespoke solution tailored to the decommissioning requirements   

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Comprehensive portfolio planning to avoid unexpected surprises

The best decommissioning strategies start with upfront planning and risk assessments. BV Solutions M&O has the unrivaled know-how to conduct the necessary decommissioning survey programs and gap analyses. This comprehensive approach ensures owners and operators avoid unforeseen surprises that can increase risk and costs.

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Asset decommissioning services from start to finish

Complying with complex decommissioning requirements can be a time-consuming and stressful process, particularly if regulatory knowledge is limited. BV Solutions M&O has the in-depth regulatory knowledge needed to ensure compliance. We provide owners and operators with seamless and thorough decommissioning project support from start to finish.

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Putting safety at the heart of decommissioning projects

Safety is the leading concern for owners and operators during decommissioning of their marine and offshore assets. BV Solutions M&O conducts ongoing regulatory compliance assessments that instill a safety culture throughout decommissioning projects. This approach ensures the safety of project personnel, the limiting of environmental impact, and mitigated corporate reputational risk at all stages of decommissioning.

Over 700 offshore fields are ceasing production between 2018 to 2022 within the evolving decommissioning industry
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Global Business Development Director

BV Solutions M&O

Knowledge is power. If owners and operators haven’t assessed their marine and offshore assets properly during the decommissioning planning process, unexpected surprises can arise. BV Solutions M&O provides robust upfront planning support to make sure there are no surprises in a decommisionning project.