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Working as a single team to advise, coordinate and succeed

Marine and offshore assets are increasingly complex, involving more technical disciplines and technologies than ever before. The challenge for asset owners and designers is to manage and de-risk these technically challenging projects from inception to completion, while maintaining cost control and delivering on time. To succeed, they must seek out technical expertise and experience that may not historically be part of their company DNA.

Going beyond engineering advisory, BV Solutions M&O offers in-depth client technical support and detailed project coordination. Our Owner Engineer approach leverages our worldwide network of technical experts into the core of a project’s management team. As valued members of our clients’ teams, our experts verify key safety and technical aspects required for successful completion.

Our added-value

We ensure smooth and efficient integration within a client’s project team.

We access our worldwide network of experts, covering all technical fields of marine engineering and naval architecture, which enables onsite client representation

Technical assistance across every field and specialty to overcome any technical, logistical or management challenge

Unique expertise and software that provides fast, accurate answers to questions or concerns

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Network of experts
Ship designers and shipyards often must call on an external network of experts to address the technical challenges of a complex project. BV Solutions M&O has an expert team of engineers and naval architects to provide project coordination and support. These experts ensure assets are designed for maximum comfort, safety and efficiency, as well as optimal ROI and asset lifespan.

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Safety and technical mastery
By working with BV Solutions M&O, our clients gain access to expertise across key safety and technical topics pertaining to marine engineering and naval architecture. Our engineers and naval architects can take on the complete management of our clients’ projects, offering technical coordination while interfacing with management. In this way, we aid our clients in meeting all project targets in terms of technical challenges, schedule and budget.

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Unified teamwork
Full transparency is baked into our DNA. We work closely with our clients as a single, integrated team. With a worldwide network of experienced resources, we are able to meet directly and onsite wherever our clients are. We understand the importance of clear communications every step of the way. This is the way we operate on every project.

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Fully flexible to deliver turn-key solutions 
Knowing that projects inevitably go through changes, we remain highly adaptable, mapping out our own involvement in the project according to clients’ needs. We don’t expect clients to adapt to us; rather, we adapt to the specific guidelines and requirements of each of their projects. We partner on projects of all sizes, from small design audits and technical due diligence projects to large-scale involvement from the earliest upstream design phase through to completion.

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BV Solutions M&O

We work together as a single, integrated team. We work on behalf of our clients to ensure their interests are met, and that everything stays on track in terms of technical aspects and timing. We offer full transparency and clear communication every step of the way.