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Net Zero

Optimizing organizations to achieve net zero efficiency

The global sustainable energy transition is pushing marine and offshore asset owners to explore alternative energy options. As the industry moves toward a net zero objective, owners and operators need guidance on how to improve asset efficiency and remain compliant with international standards and regulations.

BV Solutions M&O engineers and sustainability experts have created a broad portfolio of services to help clients move toward net zero. With an understanding of our clients’ goals, we support them through strategy development, energy transition engineering, green financing, emission measuring and monitoring solutions, to achieve their objectives.

Our added-value

We offer consultancy services to create bespoke sustainability strategies and solutions for each company and their unique carbon footprint.

Risk and engineering expertise enables us to perform calculations and analyses, provide modulization and simulation studies, and test new technologies for alternative energies.

For a truly net zero solution, we provide carbon offsetting solutions as well as verification services.

Strategy and planning services

Strategy and planning services

BV Solutions M&O is helping clients drive change for a sustainable future, while ensuring profitability and performance are maintained and increased. Through green financing, Poseidon Principles and greenbonds, we can aid marine and offshore operators to exceed requirements for environmental risk assessment, performance, and emissions monitoring and reporting.

Vessel conversion and energy audits 

Vessel conversion and energy audits 

From hydrogen containment systems to wind propulsion technology, we help clients select the best energy efficiency solutions for their needs and goals. Together, we explore energy sources such as wind, solar, hydrogen, geothermal, wave and tidal—and look for opportunities to optimize through retrofitting. We also consider onboard solutions such as electric power, hybrid power, battery storage and bio-fuels.

Working with regulatory bodies

Working with regulatory bodies

Regulations are driving the industry toward a more sustainable future. BV Solutions M&O is cooperating with government bodies around the world to define standards and methodology for more accurate monitoring, quantification and emissions reduction. Leveraging our own in-house sustainability practices, we bring expertise to regulatory and industry steering groups.

Up to 20 % Fuel savings when optimizing hull performance with BV Solutions M&O

Sustainability is a global challenge, and we all need to rise to the occasion. This is an opportunity where BV Solutions M&O is bringing together our groupwide industry experts under one umbrella to create a holistic packaged solution.

Dawn Robertson Business Development Director, BV Solutions M&O