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Onboard Measurement

Ensuring a high level of full-lifecycle vessel operability

Marine and offshore assets require a high level of operability to remain in excellent working condition. To maintain their assets’ operability, owners and operators need to keep compliant with the latest regulations and classifications, as well as the rules of flag authorities. At the same time, they require advanced testing to identify maintenance issues and understand how to fix them.

BV Solutions M&O provides a variety of in-depth analyses to help owners and operators understand the root causes of failures and inefficiencies in their assets. These onboard measurements, relating to topics such as rotating equipment vibrations, structural stress values or shaft behavior, also ensure enhanced operability and full compliance with ISO standards or OEM recommendations.

Our-added value

Helping achieve and maintain compliance with international regulations, classifications and the rules of flag authorities

Ensuring a high level of operability throughout an asset’s entire lifecycle

Understanding the root causes of failures and inefficiencies, and how to fix them

De-risking and future-proofing assets to ensure optimal cost efficiencies

Getting to the root of vibrations

For the majority of assets, vibrations are the most common cause of maintenance issues. BV Solutions M&O conducts compliance checks to identify the main cause of vibrations. We then determine whether the vibration level falls within the acceptable range according to established ISO and manufacturing standards.   

Anticipating future maintenance needs

Measurements relating to asset operability are at the heart of condition-based maintenance. We conduct a variety of measurements and monitors key equipment. This provides owners and operators with insight on future maintenance needs and on how to extend an asset’s overall operating life.  

Fueling improved environmental performance

A ship’s speed and power are directly linked to fuel consumption, an important indicator of environmental performance. BV Solutions M&O conducts speed and power measurements to ensure fuel efficiency and cost savings, and to verify a vessel’s compliance with contractual requirements.

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Putting stress values to the test

Assets at sea are subjected to a number of stresses—such as vibrations, water pressure and dry-docking—that may cause its structure to distort. BV Solutions M&O conducts strain measurements to provide owners and operators with accurate information about their assets’ stress values during specific operations and operational periods.

Doriane Causeur

Head of Propulsion Team

BV Solutions M&O

BV Solutions M&O compliance checks are essential to identifying the root cause of maintenance failures and inefficiency in vessels. In doing so, we’re able to provide solutions, while measuring compliance with regulations and classifications.