Reduce cost

Reduce Cost

Leveraging efficiencies and worldwide experience to streamline operations

In an ever-evolving market, marine and offshore owners and operators must improve operational capabilities and organizational agility to reduce cost. BV Solutions M&O helps you deploy technology and staff in a streamlined way to strengthen the bottom line. Our global team uses its expertise and digitalization processes to find areas where you can improve efficiency of your assets, workforce and operational processes.


Finding efficiencies through digitalization

Imagine reducing inspection costs by 15 to 25% in five years.  With digitization this is reality. We deliver on projects faster and improve production return through the effective integration of design and construction.

Streamlining operations

By finding greater efficiencies, we can lower your operational expenses. BV Solutions M&O assists you in better managing your workforce by moving traditional offshore roles onshore when appropriate. We stress predictive over reactive maintenance, offering expertise in optimizing asset maintenance and monitoring. And our predictive studies based on data collected directly from connected assets help you efficiently monitor, operate, and repair your assets.

Leveraging broad expertise

At BV Solutions M&O, we prize innovation and are constantly developing new solutions to overcome future challenges. Beyond our core engineering and risk services, we are highly adaptable and capable of helping you overcome your cost challenges. Today, our company is transforming digitally to develop innovative safety solutions and new ways to enhance your performance.