Operability and efficiency

Improve Operability & Efficiency 

Smooth operations and proper manning fuel profitability

Marine and offshore profitability depends on assets remaining in service and working at peak performance. As owners and operators, you need to maximize your seakeeping, maneuvering and hydrodynamic capabilities while reducing noise and vibration. At BV Solutions M&O, we provide you with options for increased efficiency and improved operability through our expertise in engineering and monitoring.


Our strategy is to promote digital solutions, from onboard monitoring to digital twin technologies. BV Solutions M&O’s experts analyze data from our digital solutions to support our clients’ needs.


Maximizing asset operability while adhering to statutory requirements can go hand in hand with profitability. Enhancing the condition and efficiency of existing assets helps extend the asset’s lifecycle and increase its lifetime profitability. By optimizing fuel consumption, you can lower costs and reduce risk. Find out how BV Solutions M&O can improve the operability of marine and offshore platforms and vessels.


When a marine or offshore asset experiences technical difficulties, owners and operators can find themselves undercut by unproductive downtime and rising safety concerns. An asset condition assessment can ensure your assets are fit for purpose and running efficiently. We customize our modeling to identify risks to asset reliability long before incidents occur.

Minimum manning

Your crew is the most valuable operating asset of the vessel or platform, and their safety is paramount. One way to keep them safe is by simply reducing staff numbers onboard wherever possible. Through digital solutions, we identify opportunities to reduce staffing in order to mitigate onboard risk.