Improve safety

Improve Safety

Mitigating risk and protecting your workforce

Safety is a BV Solutions M&O core value that permeates all of our actions and activities. Our goal is to help our marine and offshore owners and operators identify and control hazards to mitigate risk. We endeavor to maintain the safety of your workforce, assets, cyber networks, and the environments in which you work.

Workforce safety

Anticipating risk is the first step in promoting safety among your staff. We help owners and operators identify occupational hazards through detailed virtual simulation studies. In this way, we can find risks before they are physically present. We also work with you on ways to reduce onboard noise and vibrations, an unseen threat to crews.

Cyber safety

The digital revolution has provided real-time data on ships’ operations and enabled remote access for maintenance. Assets are connected and monitored like never before, but the threat of cyberattacks lurks in all digital hubs of information. A single security breach can expose volumes of private data. At BV Solutions M&O, we remain at the forefront of digitalization to help you continually assess the reliability of your security solutions and prevent intrusions.

Asset integrity and safety

Today’s wise investment is tomorrow’s aging asset. Physical resources—ships and platforms—and software purchased years apart age differently. Properly managed assets perform with significantly reduced levels of risk. BV Solutions M&O is a resource for resolving compatibility issues and keeping your information up to date.

Environmental safety

Protecting natural resources and addressing the regulatory environmental landscape are essential to making marine and offshore future proof. We work with you to ensure your vessels are running at maximum efficiency, reducing the amount of fuel needed. Our research into underwater radiated noise (URN) and predictive modeling tools help you find ways to reduce URN and your impact on the seascape.