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Safety Case

Ensuring the ongoing safety of offshore installations and crew


When it comes to operating an offshore asset, there is nothing more important than safety. A Safety Case provides evidence that operators are prepared for major accidents such as fire, explosion, collision or capsizing. It contains a set of key fundamentals to which all procedures, processes and maintenance tasks must be fully aligned.

BV Solutions M&O works closely with safety management personnel to mitigate risks and determine probability for loss of life. Our experts perform a qualitative review of the asset, identify scenarios that could lead to a major accident, and determine the most effective measures to reduce accident occurrence and severity.

Our Added-value

Our teams boast extensive experience in developing Safety Case compliance verification programs.

We help maintain the Safety Case as a living document according to the asset’s current use and environment.

Our experts are available worldwide to gain a full understanding of risk and hazard scenarios alongside our clients locally.

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The case for the Safety Case

A Safety Case makes clear to all stakeholders that those responsible for asset safety are fully capable of managing major accident events. BV Solutions M&O provides technical and safety input to ensure that processes, procedures and maintenance management strategies are based on current data and continually updated.

Safety is a must

Safety-critical elements: assessment to availability

BV Solutions M&O is equipped to identify safety-critical elements including fire detection and protection systems, control systems and operating procedures. We help define the goal, performance, functionality, availability, reliability and survivability of each safety-critical element, as well as its interactions with other systems. Developing assessment forms within the Safety Case ensures that each element is consistently available in case of a major accident.

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Safety Case: a living document

Intended as a living document, the Safety Case must be continually updated to reflect an asset’s current operating status. BV Solutions M&O helps maintain the Safety Case according to relevant regulatory requirements in the jurisdiction where the asset is being operated. We adjust the Safety Case as risk levels fluctuate according to activities and environment.

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A measured safety approach

In some cases, authorities do not require a full Safety Case. However, our clients may request a measured document based on the Safety Case approach. BV Solutions M&O offers both As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) and Qualitative Risk Assessment (QRA) studies. ALARP aims to reduce risk as much as reasonably practicable, while QRA is used to define individual risk per annum and potential probability of loss of life.