Marine market 

Independent technical support for operating a worldwide fleet

In today’s changing marine environment, owners and operators require independent technical services to drive decision-making and innovation. Most often, they are seeking asset design and operational improvements including greater efficiency, larger cargo capacity or onboard innovations .

BV Solutions M&O provides a full suite of support services to owners, operators and insurers for every aspect related to new build projects and operating a worldwide fleet. These services help clients address specific risks and challenges, including hydrodynamics, structural and risk analysis, propulsion design, and limiting environmental impact.

Our added-value

Our centers of expertise and offices around the world make us available locally to clients in any location.

Our smart shipping solutions improve maintenance operations on existing ships to get the most value from client assets.

We offer full technical support for marine renewable energy projects, including offshore wind, tidal and solar.

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Full back office

BV Solutions M&O offers third-party services to help drive decision-making for our clients. The full back office support we provide includes engineering calculations and risk workshops. We also offer a range of analytical tools and digital solutions for smart shipping.

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Project management capabilities

Our project management consulting services are rooted in a deep knowledge of marine industry rules and regulations. These services are designed to help our clients manage large and complex projects from conception to decommissioning.

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Propulsion tools and solutions

We work alongside clients to develop new propulsion solutions aimed at reducing vibration and impact on marine life. We undertake feasibility studies, risk analyses and alternative designs to bring new fuel solutions such as hydrogen and ammonia on board cruise ships, container ships and passenger vessels. By understanding the rules and risks involved, we act as an advisory service between the shipyard or shipowner and supplier.

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Audits and surveys

We perform various analyses for shipyards, including onsite surveys, and compliance and quality audits. Our experts analyze shipyard capacity to assist clients in selecting the right shipyard for their needs.

24/7Support to our clients.
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BV Solutions M&O

Shipowners need an innovative company to push them to make decisions and innovate, and that is exactly what we do. We help them evaluate risk and make tough decisions in the near and distant future.