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Reliability & Availability

Using smart design to help mitigate risk and boost productivity

When a marine or offshore asset experiences technical difficulties, owners and operators can find themselves undercut by too much downtime and rising safety concerns. Ensuring asset functionality and reliability is vital for successful marine and offshore business operations. To achieve optimal long-term asset performance, owners need to be able to make informed decisions that safeguard their assets against risk.

BV Solutions M&O offers asset owners pathways for mitigating risk by reviewing their assets and processes using high-level reliability and availability analysis. Our global team of experienced engineers provides assessment, diagnosis and recommendations on risk mitigation changes to be introduced during design and early project stages for optimal asset reliability, availability and safety. 

Our added-value

From the design phase, detecting risks to asset performance and safety and recommending improvements, such as changes in equipment configuration

Offering risk mitigation and alternative design analyses that optimize asset reliability and availability, helping companies boost productivity, reduce costs and achieve targets

Providing clients with an informed review of their engineering and decision-making processes

Customizing solutions modeling that identifies and meets specific risk mitigation requirements to help protect clients’ important assets

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RAM studies

BV Solutions M&O’s comprehensive Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (RAM) studies assist marine and offshore owners and operators looking to increase system productivity. Using our customer-centric, flexible tools, we identify critical issues likely to impact client assets as well as possible causes of production losses. These can occur in the operation or design stage. We examine ways to improve an asset from the design stage, leading to significantly lowered project costs.

FMECA studies

FMECA studies

Our Failure Modes, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA) studies help marine and offshore owners and operators mitigate risk. By identifying failure modes and effects during the asset design phase, we can help reduce risks and avoid costly design changes after operations commence.

SIL verification

SIL verification

Safety Integrity Level (SIL) verification analyzes safety risks and aims to mitigate safety risks particularly during the design stage. BV Solutions M&O uses Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) and Risk Reduction Factor (RRF) as parameters to determine SIL.