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Noise & Vibration


Predicting constraints to optimize vessel design

From engines and HVAC equipment to the motion of the sea, the sources of noise and vibration on marine and offshore assets are numerous. For owners and operators, these acoustic and physical constraints pose three main challenges. First, noise and vibrations can compromise the health, safety and comfort of both passengers and crew. Second, vibrations can impair the performance of onboard equipment. Third, underwater noise can be severely disruptive to marine life.

BV Solutions M&O offers different service levels, starting with a qualitative, low-cost approach that helps asset owners and operators understand and assess noise and vibrations. This is complemented by detailed studies that analyze constraints to provide a 360° view, to more advanced and detailed engineering studies. No matter which service we are asked to provide, we focus on providing unrivaled expertise in predictive calculations and measurements.

Our added-value

Helping achieve the highest standards of health, safety and comfort for both passengers and crew

Working to minimize the environmental impact of operations and to protect marine life

Extending the life of onboard equipment

Gaining a robust picture of an asset’s noise and vibration constraints

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Addressing the full spectrum of noise frequencies

Assessing the causes of noise and vibrations is extremely complex due to infinite variations in bandwidth caused by high and low frequencies. BV Solutions M&O combines appropriate methods to cover the entire range of frequencies. This comprehensive approach provides owners and operators with a robust picture of an asset’s noise and vibration constraints.

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An experienced partner from design to delivery

BV Solutions M&O accompanies owners starting as early as an asset’s design phase to ensure optimal acoustic and architectural performance. In addition to providing modeling recommendations based on existing measurements, Bureau Veritas engineers play a key role in factory acceptance testing alongside manufacturers. This includes frequent visits to shipyards while vessels are under construction.

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Unrivaled insight on propeller architecture

A ship’s propeller cavitation has a substantial impact on underwater radiated noise. BV Solutions M&O provides detailed recommendations on the best propeller architecture to reduce noise and vibrations based on the vessel’s unique configuration. Our engineers are involved in design recommendations until final sea trials and can provide onboard monitoring services throughout a ship’s entire lifecycle.


Doriane Causeur

Head of Propulsion Team

BV Solutions M&O

We combine a qualitative, low-cost approach with comprehensive, in-depth studies to optimize noise and vibration constraints for our clients.