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Surveys and Audits


Ensuring vessels are compliant and fit for purpose.

Marine and offshore owners and operators need compliance surveys and audits to meet the demands of both their clients and their insurers. Charterers, for example, want to make sure that assets are fit for purpose. Underwriters require confirmation of vessel condition to determine risk. Assets also need review prior to conversion to a floating offshore unit.

Through thorough compliance surveys and audits, BV Solutions M&O helps owners and operators confirm that their assets are both compliant and fit for purpose. We maintain strong relationships with charterers, vetting agencies, owners, operators and insurers to ensure that our service delivery meets these entities’ demands.

Our added-values

Our global network means that we can perform inspections in any location, getting a surveyor onboard the vessel on short notice

Our modular approach and digital reporting structure minimize operational disruption while offering flexibility and cost efficiency

As an independent partner, we offer impartial assessments to help our clients avoid conflicts of interest

We possess the tools and techniques to support remote inspection

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Condition Assessment Program

Through our Condition Assessment Program (CAP), our experts help clients assess their assets’ reliability. These services provides a status of the vessel for chartering purposes and is looked upon as a license to operate, moreover the delivered methodology can also can provide a maintenance strategy, verify proper fleet maintenance, or obtain vessel status prior to purchasing. Our CAP methodology features a modular approach that can include function testing and visual examinations of equipment’s overall maintenance and operational condition. In addition, Condition Assessments Prior Conversion (CAPC) range from quick onboard inspections to in-depth maintenance history reviews or full project management.

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Life extension studies

For assets undergoing life extension, we perform comprehensive studies to evaluate and demonstrate an asset’s potential to operate beyond its design life, whether for marine or offshore assets. The results enable owners and operators to have confidence that the unit can perform safely and efficiently for the full period of life extension.

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eCMID/OVID audits for offshore assets

BV Solutions M&O conducts Common Marine Inspection Document (eCMID) and Offshore Vessel Inspection Database (OVID) audits to evaluate vessels’ preparedness for the operational phase.

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360 Quality Code

We inspect vessels to verify their compliance with the 360 Quality Code. As a typical service survey, these inspections may be requested if a reefer vessel wants to be chartered to carry reefer cargoes.

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Assurance Service Line Leader

BV Solutions M&O

What sets us apart is our modular approach and digital reporting structure. This keeps quality consistent no matter where you are located and helps guide surveyors in their reporting. Some systems offer client access, which provides transparency in terms of both process and content.