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Identifying offshore concerns and offering safe, cost-effective solutions

Offshore owners and operators are facing numerous challenges, including increased demand for gas and an energy transition toward renewables. Meeting the global demand for sustainable and efficient energy requires flexible solutions and technical expertise that prioritizes safety, cost reduction and life extension of assets.

BV Solutions M&O recognizes the challenges faced by the offshore industry and acts as a true consultancy, creating new solutions to meet clients’ changing needs. Through our focus on risk-based solutions, we support the offshore industry by improving safety, optimizing costs throughout an asset’s lifecycle, and reducing risk during operations and decommissioning.

Your benefits

Our global network of experts enables us to deliver industry-best service no matter where our clients are located, alongside the same level of quality for projects that are international in scope

BV Solutions M&O helps international clients in qualifying vendors throughout their global supply chain to ensure harmonized quality in every location

We support the transition to renewable energies such as wind, wave and tidal through technical support services and design efficiency assurance.

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Partnering on innovative designs and technologies

We support clients in developing new designs, always targeting the best performance and quality for their assets. Our risk-based approach to new technologies and innovation saves clients both time and money. 

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Extending life of gas assets

In the mature offshore gas industry, owners and operators are seeking ways to get the most out of their existing floating and fixed assets. Our life extension studies help them optimize their assets further into the future.

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Supporting the energy transition

As offshore experts, we are playing a key role in the energy transition. Our goal is to help clients drive change for a sustainable future, while ensuring profitability and performance are maintained and increased. We support marine renewable energy companies involved in wind, wave and tidal energy development. We also conduct design reviews to qualify new  technologies such as subsea cables, which are integral to the energy transition.

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Owners and operators require assistance assessing all the necessary engineering and regulatory requirements at each critical decommissioning stage. In this way, they can be ensured of project success and compliance, and to avoid any unexpected surprises. We help the industry meet the challenge of decommissioning offshore oil and gas assets safely, efficiently, and in a way that minimizes environmental impact. As complete compliance partners, we support operators at every phase of decommissioning, from planning and strategy development to in-field delivery.

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Embracing digitalization

BV Solutions M&O is at the forefront of digital technology, supporting our clients with cutting-edge technologies such as Veristar AIM3D and digital twinning. By identifying opportunities for digitalization, we help them become more sustainable, efficient and cost effective. 

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Global Business Development Director

BV Solutions M&O

“At BV Solutions M&O, we are a true consultancy. We start by understanding our clients’ problems and identifying key concerns. We then come up with new solutions and make suggestions on how best to improve sustainability, reduce costs, extend asset life and decommission.”