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Our Missions


Towards safer, greener, cost-efficient solutions in an ever innovative and digital maritime world

BV Solutions M&O’s missions cover engineering, including feasibility, basic design and detailed design, with high expertise in hydrodynamics and structural analysis and moorings, risk analysis, project management consulting and onsite activities, site audit, yards audit, asset evaluation,...

Our strategic focus answers clients’ current needs:

  • Environment: we support our clients in the energy transition by using feasibility, risk assessments and performance comparisons to determine how best to integrate new energy solutions onboard
  • Remote solutions for inspections
  • Digital solutions for predictive maintenance, smart solutions to implement more onboard monitoring
  • Risk based approach to optimize operational cost and maintenance

With innovation as core to our activities, we support our clients in going further to find new solutions.


Our missions at BVS

From concept study to decommissioning, we provide skilled professionals and niche expertise to evaluate new projects in naval, offshore, energy and renewables.

Risk analysis
Leveraging our international organization, our experts can run risk analyses to support our clients in implementing the right solutions at the right moment, in complete safety.

Our missions at BVS

Project Management
Large and complex projects require specific organization. BV Solutions M&O supports its clients in their new build, modification, conversion, and installation projects

Onsite surveyors
We support our clients in following up with owner representative yards, commissioning, installation, factory acceptance tests, and condition assessments before an asset’s modification or sale.

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BV Solutions M&O

We go beyond pure compliance to enable our clients' assets to perform with more reliability, more efficiency and a significantly reduced level of risk, in an ever more digital world.