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Offshore Wind and Marine Renewables

Full technical support for offshore wind and MRE

By 2030, the EU aims to obtain at least 32% of its energy from renewable sources. Asian and North American governments are following suit. Alongside newer companies engaged in renewable development, major oil and gas companies are pushing this energy transition forward through investments in offshore wind projects. With numerous projects underway, the supply chain is facing increased pressure to meet global demand and reduce costs.

BV Solutions M&O is involved in several offshore wind projects from the very early stages through to the development phase. By improving critical design assessments and innovating assessment processes, we are helping to avoid delays and limit costs of wind farm construction and operation.

Our added-value

Our extensive network and global reach enable us to support renewable projects and deploy staff on-site in any location.

We offer technical support on hydrodynamics, moorings, structural integrity and installation processes to help move the industry forward at a critical time.

Offshore Wind Turbine Construction

Expert consulting services

BV Solutions M&O is working closely with wind farm owners, project developers, technology designers and test centers to limit the costs of wind farm construction and operation, while enhancing safety and efficiency.

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Support & assessments

We are strengthening our expertise in technical due diligence to help assess the technologies that will advance renewable energy development. Our support and assessments are bringing new levels of safety and efficiency to the offshore wind industry.

Offshore wind

Environmental impact analysis and underwater noise assessment

We conduct thorough analyses of the impact that marine and offshore assets can have on aquatic life. With our predictive calculation, outboard measurements and onboard dedicated measurements, our experts can offer owners and operators valuable data on their environmental impact, alongside services to help mitigate it.

MRE devices

Remote inspection services

We support manufacturers in integrating remote technologies into their processes to provide greater flexibility while maintaining regulatory compliance. Our remote inspection services are available for both in-service wind farms and those under construction.

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Critical design assessment

BV Solutions M&O experts are committed to improving the assessment of critical design aspects such as dynamic cable behavior and load modeling for floating wind components.

Expert in operation on an offshore wind

Research & development

For offshore wind projects, there are numerous technical concerns for each step of a project. Our experts are involved in several R&D projects, as well as numerical tool development for fixed and floating wind.

Rober Clark

Engineering Advisory GSL Lead

BV Solutions M&O

Given that we are seeing the lowest oil prices in over a decade, major companies are more interested than ever in pursuing sustainable energies. The future of offshore fixed and floating wind farms is bright.
+3.6 GWInstalled offshore wind capacity in Europe (2019)


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