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BV Solutions M&O Leads the Charge Towards Sustainable Shipping Finance

BV Solutions M&O and EURAZEO: Pioneering Green Financing and Technical Due Diligence Since 2022

In the quest to decarbonize the maritime industry, access to financing for the most eco-efficient ships is paramount.  BV Solutions M&O has been at the forefront of defining and verifying quantitative technical criteria for "green" ships. 

These criteria are designed to ensure that vessels achieve significant reductions in CO2 emissions, and BV Solutions M&O has been partnering with financial institutions like EURAZEO since 2022 to make this vision a reality.

Since 2022, BV Solutions M&O and EURAZEO have been working together to redefine the future of sustainable shipping. BV Solutions M&O's pivotal role involves providing technical due diligence on ships seeking financing from the ESMI fund proposed by EURAZEO. This rigorous technical assessment occurs before the ships are presented to the investment committee, ensuring that only environmentally responsible vessels qualify for fund proposals.

The technical evaluation process comprises two critical activities. Firstly, it estimates CO2 emissions using an energy model based on available data and the forecast operational profile, comparing emissions with a reference vessel. Secondly, it rigorously verifies that the vessels meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the European taxonomy, ensuring compliance with the highest environmental standards.

In 2023, EURAZEO enlisted BV Solutions M&O to evaluate SAMSKIP's hydrogen container ship project. BV Solutions M&O's analysis of carbon intensities, considering Tank-to-Wake and Well-to-Wake scopes for various fuels, emphasized the importance of renewable hydrogen sources. These vessels are poised to become pioneering zero-emission short-sea container ships, driven by green hydrogen fuel.

"Collaborating with BV Solutions M&O has been instrumental in our mission to support environmentally responsible shipping projects. Their technical expertise and commitment to sustainability have enriched our efforts in financing vessels that make a real difference in reducing emissions and advancing the maritime industry toward a greener future." Guillaume Branco - Investment Asset-based, EURAZEO.


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BV Solutions M&O

Our collaboration with EURAZEO is a testament to our commitment to advancing sustainable shipping. We believe that the fusion of technical expertise and financial insight is indispensable in evaluating the performance and risks associated with financing innovative vessels aimed at decarbonizing the shipping industry.


BV Solutions M&O is thrilled to continue working with industry and financial leaders. They offer tailored technical support to financiers at various project stages. The synergy between Technical Experts and Financial Experts is pivotal in assessing the potential and risks associated with financing vessels that promise to transform the maritime sector into a more sustainable and eco-conscious industry.