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Is your business ready for net-zero decommissioning?

May. 17 2021

Decom North Sea’s Decom Week 2021, running from May 17 to 21, will bring together more than 100 expert speakers from across the industry to discuss the latest hot topics in decommissioning.

One of those key discussion points will be the relationship between oil and gas and renewables in decommissioning. Indeed, this will be the focus of Tuesday’s (May 18) events, which will include a session titled ‘Is the Offshore Energy Industry Supply Chain “Race Ready” to Rise to the Challenge of Decommissioning in a Net Zero Basin?’

This session, at 9.45 am, will be co-chaired by Dawn Robertson, the Global Strategic Sales Director for Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore* and Decom North Sea Vice-Chair, and Stuart Wordsworth, Director Cavendish Management Consultants. It will be presented by Neil Pickering, Global Strategic Sales Lead, also from BV Solutions M&O*.

The degree to which asset owners and service companies in the North Sea decommissioning sector are ready or currently planning for net-zero carbon neutrality by the UK Government’s 2050 target is a challenging question.

The energy transition is gaining ever-increasing traction. Greenhouse gas (GHG) protocol is an obligation for all companies and streamlined energy and carbon reporting is now a regulation for all those who qualify. Added to these requirements are environmental, social governance (ESG) criteria - the benchmark used to evaluate green investment opportunities - Green Bonds, Climate Bonds, and a range of other considerations.

Earlier this year, to gauge the sector’s state of readiness for the net-zero deadline, Bureau Veritas ran a survey among Decom North Sea (DNS) members. This followed on from a much larger cross-industry global carbon survey held by the company at the beginning of this year.

The survey of DNS members included questions on their GHG targets and reduction strategies, the extent net-zero was factored into business plans, the potential impact of offshore industry net-zero commitments on their activities, and awareness of ESG criteria.

The full results will be shared and discussed in detail in Tuesday’s session at the DNS event. However, one top-line finding was that while many operators and SME companies stated they had carbon reduction plans in place, several middle-tier supply chain service businesses were less advanced in this area. This insight from the decommissioning sector mirrored the findings of Bureau Veritas’s wider, cross-industry carbon survey.

There are various reasons for such a ‘green gap’ in the decommissioning industry and their examination will make for an interesting session on Tuesday.

BV Solutions M&O’s commitment to Decom Week 2021 extends beyond the research findings session. BV Solutions M&O is the event gold sponsor. Dawn Robertson will deliver the welcome address at 9 am on Tuesday while on Wednesday, at 1.45 pm, she will introduce the Decom North Sea Leadership Group – Special Interest Groups Updates.

On Friday, May 21, Paul Shrieve, President, BV Solutions M&O, will deliver the keynote address on the theme of the future of decommissioning.

Bureau Veritas has much to offer the decommissioning sector and the wider energy industry in the drive towards net zero. The company’s integrated five-step Net Zero solution - focused on measure, implement, monitor, offset and communicate - is designed to help energy companies minimise GHGs, improve asset operations and reduce upstream and downstream emissions.

Bureau Veritas’s Green Line of services and solutions enables clients to meet sustainability challenges, protect the environment, and improve the quality of products and services across the value chain. With its work supporting a range of projects, including carbon capture and hydrogen, the company is a key player in the energy transition and present at all stages of the renewable and alternative energy production chain. The BV Green Line helps organisations implement, measure, achieve sustainability objectives, and enable Bureau Veritas to support clients in sustainably designing, building, and operating their assets.

BV Solutions M&O’s commitment to Decom North Sea extends over five years. Membership of the not-for-profit single topic organisation has helped increase awareness of BV Solutions M&O’s support of the global decommissioning sector and its net zero commitment credentials. In return, DNS enjoys access to BV Solutions M&O’s extensive technical network. 

Being so actively involved in decommissioning gives BV Solutions M&O unrivaled insight into the latest key challenges and opportunities involving the sector. This knowledge provides benefits to clients and enables BV Solutions M&O to adapt its business strategies to develop services in line with the sector’s requirements.

With years of experience and a worldwide network of experts, BV Solutions M&O is the partner of choice for companies looking to make the transition to net-zero. BV Solutions M&O’s integrated solution and far-reaching industry know-how enable energy providers to reap all the benefits of achieving net-zero, helping companies go beyond compliance and improving sustainability, enabling them to take advantage of a host of additional benefits, including greater efficiency, reduced costs, lower taxes, and improved operations.

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*Bureau Veritas Solutions Marine & Offshore is the BV Group company dedicated to providing independent support to clients for non-classification and non-certification activities for the marine and offshore energy markets.